Makeup Prep Tips

To provide a better experience and better serve you. Consider the following tips.

Please prepare for your service by having clean hair, skin, and a positive attitude! Stay hydrated and out of the sun. Moisturize your lips and care for your skin with products suited to your skin type.

Chic Cosmetique Nicolette Brycki's Makeup table.

A few helpful tips

  • Bring photos if possible and if applicable. 
  • Consider the natural structure of your face and condition of your skin.  Just like the same dress will look different on two different people, so can makeup, color, and lashes.  Eye shape, facial contour, skin texture, age, complexion, and other nuances must be taken into account.
  • Communicate any allergies and sensitivities.
  • Be as transparent as possible and clear in the goals you are trying to achieve.
  • Care for yourself and your skin prior to your service.  In other words, drink water, use your skincare, avoid the sun and any last minute waxing.
  • Gratuity is appreciated in recognition of excellent service.

Enhance your true beauty.

When you book Nicolette, you're one step away from looking and feeling spectacular for the most important moments in your life.
"Nicolette is a consummate professional, always on time, and always providing top-notch service with up to the minute trend knowledge."
Christopher Descano
Descano Photography